The Pamirs Eco-Cultural Tourism Association (PECTA) was established in April 2008 with the support of the Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (MSDSP), a project of the Aga Khan Foundation and is a non-commercial organization.

We want to promote and make the Pamirs more famous in the world. We believe that tourism can have a strong positive impact on poverty eradating. Life in the Pamirs can be hard and in the 90s people were close to death due to starvation. Now the situation changed a lot but still it is difficult to find a job in this region. Tourism creates jobs as long as it is directly linked to the local community. That's what we mean by eco-cultural. We do not want only tourism, we want to have sustainable tourism based on concept. We want to have a strong network that helps and protects local people to become part of the global tourism market. 

This is why we need donations. PECTA's work, the modern tourism information and the jobs PECTA creates are based on your donations. 


* Create of a modern highly developed and a competitive tourist market in the Pamirs;

* Make an impact on identifying social, legal and economic strategies which conform to the professional interests of the Association and their effective introduction through representative and executive powers;

* Counteract to the monopolization of the tourist activity;

* Contribute to the development of travel agencies, marketing of tourist services and ethical market relations in Tajikistan;

* Protect interests of local tourist service providers who are the members of the association;

* Help to set up favorable financial and economic conditions to members of the association;

* Lobby the interests and the services of the members of the association at the internal and international markets;

* Establish foundation for the development of ecological tourism in the Pamirs;

* Use of local opportunities and skills to alleviate poverty level of population through mobilizing communities in the field of the international tourism;

* Generation of unique forms of local places of interest for various types of tourism, such as ethnographic, cultural, historical, archeological, anthropological, and ecological;

* Fostering development of local handicrafts, folk craft and folk art of the people of Pamirs to provide tourist market and revival of the basics of the traditional economics;

* Creation of favorable financial and economic conditions to members of the association;