Pamir Lodge, the best place to meet other travellers and probably the most popular guesthouse for backpackers in Khorog. And we believe that Pamir Lodge is also the most professional place in Khorog. It is not only a guesthouse but also a "Jamoatkhona", the place where Ismaili people come to pray and meet. 

Allthough Pamir Lodge became bigger and more professional during the last years it is still run by a lovley and friendly Pamiri family. 

For the newest information please check also their brand new website:


Prices should be rechecked at their website, but these are the prices from October 2016:


Luxe Room: 40$

Double Room: 9$ / person

Triple Room: 9$ / person

Dormitory: 7$ / person

Veranda & Tent Place: 5$ / person