Travel Opportunities

There are some popular routes to travel through or to the Pamirs. We want to show and explain you some potential ways, so you get an idea of traveling in Tajikistan. 

Somewhere between Dushanbe and Khorog

Somewhere between Dushanbe and Khorog

From Dushanbe to Khorog / KhoroG to Dushanbe

If you come to Tajikistan by plane, you will arrive either in Khujand or Dushanbe and will have to find your way to the Pamir Mountains in GABO - But how to get there?

The trip will take you to the narrow valleys of Panj-River which marks also Tajikistan's border to Afghanistan. Sometimes the Panj becomes too narrow that it just seems like you can jump across to the afghan side. But do not worry! It is not as difficult as you might expect it to be to find a transport. You can hire your own driver through us. Then you have the advantages to stop wherever you want to take photos. Moreover you can make also an overnight-stop and the ride will become much more relaxed. Call us for more information: (+992) 93 414 5555

If you want to take the public transport it is also possible. There are daily rides with shared Taxis from Dushanbe (close to the airport). The ride should cost between 280-300 Somoni. Make sure that you get a 4WD, otherwise the ride will be much longer than it is normally. Be aware that the normal ride time will take between 12-16 hours. If you want to make a stop during your trip and spend one or two nights in one of the accommodations on the way, it is quite difficult if you are not travelling by bicycle or your own car. But your personal driver is just an E-Mail, Sms or phonecall away. So just inform us about your travel plannings and we can arrange also an English speaking driver for you. And in Khorog we will wait for you to plan your further travel.

Already in Khorog?

Use our newsboard in our office, to share your posts and quickly find other travellers to join and share the costs for your drive from Khorog to Dushanbe.

Last but not least: If you are looking for a real adventure you can try the spectacular and breathtaking Tajik Air flight. If the weather conditions are good and there are enough passengers there are in theory daily flights from Dushanbe-Khorog and viceverse. But you need to be lucky to catch the flight since there are many factors which can cancel it. The only place which can help you with further information are the airports in Dushanbe or in Khorog. 



From Khorog to Osh / Osh to Khorog - The short way

If your time in Khorog comes to an end, you might plan to leave Tajikistan towards Kyrgyzstan. But before that, you will pass the Murghab region, including extensive moonscapes, passes up to 4655m and overwhelming mountain ranges. There is regular public transport from Khorog to Murghab which takes about 7 hours. If you don't want to go straight to Murghab and want to make an overnight stop in one of the beautiful homestays on the way like in Bulunkul or Alichur, you are better advised to ask us for a personal driver. The prices will be discussed on site with your driver and if you meet other travellers who are planning to do the same trip, you can share the transport and of course the costs. Otherwise we have a big newsboard in our office, where you can put up your posts and quickly find other travellers to join your trip. As soon as you arrive in Murghab, there is public transport to Osh as well. If this is too adventurous for you, our driver can bring you of course until Osh . It is all about your needs.

If you are planning to enter Tajikistan from Kyrgyzstan our friends from CBT-Osh or CBT-Sary-Mogul can help you to find transport to Murghab. You can easily hop in a shared taxi to Murghab from where you can continue to Khorog.  If you want more comfort or stops in certain places it might be better to think about hiring a driver to stop in any places you like. This can either be arranged by CBT-Kirgistan or us. Our driver can pick you up also in Murghab. Just contact us and we will be glad to help you organizing your trip to the Pamirs!

PECTA driver somewhere between Khargush Pass and Langar. Left side: Afghanistan

PECTA driver somewhere between Khargush Pass and Langar. Left side: Afghanistan

From Khorog to Osh via Wakhan Valley

The Wakhan Valley is maybe one of the most visited valleys in the Pamirs, for a good reason. This large and wild valley is breathtaking in any time of the year. If you want to leave Tajikistan to Kyrgyzstan via Wakhan Valley, it is impossible without hiring a driver.  For sure, you can go for a trip in the Wakhan and come back to Khorog to continue your trip "The Short Way" to Murghab via public transport. But if you are in a hurry or want to see the famous 4344m Khargush-Pass, than one off our driver will be happy to drive you there. The driver can drop you off at Alichur or Murghab from where you can continue your trip with the shared taxis or you hire the car for the full trip to the border or if you like, even until Osh. You can contact us any time if you are in need for a driver who brings you from Khorog to Murghab, Karakul to Langar or from Osh to Khorog. We will try to help you, to realize your expectations.


If you are on a trip to the Pamirs, you are well adviced to make a trip to Bulunkul Lake and Yashikul Lake. The good thing is, that you can go there if you come from Wakhan as well as if you took the short way from Khorog and of course the other way around from Murghab. We can recommend you a series of nice Homestays in the village of Bulunkul. There are also Yurtstays available during the summer. 

Bulunkul is a very interesting place to visit. Not just because of the impressive landscape but also because here you can enjoy a freshly prepared lake fish.