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Situated in Badakhshan in the heart of Asia, "The Pamirs" is an area of sky-scraping, snow-capped, majestic mountains, transparent clear blue waters of lakes and wide valleys and bone-dry deserts. For hundreds of years, people have called these high mountains "Poy-e-Mehr", the literal translation being, "the Foot of the Sun" or "Roof of the World".


To all Friends of the Pamir Mountains. If you are looking for a nice present or if you need something really special for yourself.     Here's the solution:

"With our own hands"

from Frederik Van Oudenhoven & Jamila Haider

A celebration of food and life in the Pamir mountains of Afghanistan and Tajikistan

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Website funded by Government of Switzerland 

An isolated beauty


The Pamirs are beautiful and isolated. But do not worry – there is public transport and PECTA can arrange a driver for you. 

Photos by Nicolas Pernot

One reason why travelling in the Pamirs is so impressive comes from the opportunity to stay with local Pamiri families in a homestay.  The most up-to-date listing of homestays is found here on our website.