Visit the Afghan Wakhan!

Afghanistan's image in the world is not the best for sure. But Afghanistan has quiet and save parts like the Wakhan Valley. A few tourists go and visit the unique and extremely isolated Wakhan Corridor, which directly borders to Tajikistan every year.

Visits the Afghan Wakhan are a costly affair. Many tourists travel in a small group to share costs. You should always inform about the safety situation there before you go. But during the last years it was safe and PECTA wants to further extend Cross Border travel with Afghanistan.

The best information can be obtained at the tourism office in Khorog. Here you can also find fellow travellers.


Visit our friends in Kyrgyzstan

Central Asia's and especially the Pamir Mountains borders are human made. For quite a lot of decades there were no real borders and still today this region is ethnically mixed. For example, on the Murghab Plateau Kyrgyz and Pamiris are living peacefully together and having a strong community. Keeping this good relations and promoting our neighbours is a strong desire of us! Most nationalities do no need a visa for Kyrgyzstan. You can find a lot of more information on the website of the Community Based Tourism Organisation of Southern Kyrgyzstan (CBT).