Darvaz Guest House

Pamir Express

Darvoz Welcome Center And Rest Stop

Darvoz Guesthouse is operating since 2004 and stays as one of the best facilitated guesthouses in Darvoz. Built with the vision of MSDSP (Mountain Societies Development Support Program) the guesthouse was mainly focused on ADKN staff. From 2016 it transferred into a small business under the control of MSDSP and the name was changed to PAMIR EXPRESS, Darvoz Welcome Center and Rest Stop.

This Guesthouse has a big yard, a parking area for different kind of transports and a nice garden. There is a small café inside the yard for guests and local people. The café was built with the traditional Pamiri House style. The café runs a bar which offers an excellent freshly brewed coffee, several types of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks. The kitchen can serve local and international cuisine.

The Pamir Express guesthouse has 9 rooms. Seven of them are on the second floor and 2 of them are on the 1 floor.

4 twin rooms; 2 triple rooms and 1 double room with big bed on the second floor.

2 twin rooms on the first floor

There is a shower and toilet on the second floor and two modern toilets downstairs behind the café.

The Guesthouse can provide the following services:

Free WiFi, hot water, clean beds and rooms, fresh food, ordering transport to all the destinations in the country, arranges homestay/guesthouse in the region, provides place for camping in the yard and in the garden of PE Guesthouse, providing PECTA brochures about the historical and archeological sites, touristic destinations and hot springs in the Pamirs. Offering different types of Handicrafts; like traditional pamiri hats,traditional socks and other local hand made products.

The prices in PE Guesthouse

1 night 25$ including breakfast for organizations like: AKDN, FSD, IOM, DVV International, Mission East, JIZ, CARITAS and other organizations.

1 night 20$ including breakfast for the tourists

1 night 15$ including breakfast for local people

1 night 5$ for tenting without breakfast and shower

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