Darvoz is the westernmost part of the Pamir area. It is considered to be the entrance gate of the region GBAO. Darvoz is famous for its administrative centre of Kalai-Khumb, which was a fortress during the kings’ times.


Afghan - Tajik bazar

Visit the Afghan - Tajik bazar in Rusvay. The village is located about 5 km east of Kalai - Khumb on the main road (Pamir highway). On the market, you can find clothes, shoes, traditional medicine, cosmetics, food and all kinds of fabrics and sheets. The bazar takes place every Saturday from 8 o'clock and goes until 1 pm.




Ancient city of Karon

According to the legend, the ruler of Karon fortress was the brother of the King of Kakh-Kakha, who was the ruler of Yamchun and Kakh-Kakha. Both brothers were legendary rulers of Badakshan during the pre-Islamic period and during the time of Zoroastrianism.


Sacred shrine & blue lake

Road via Sakhirdasht (Khoborobot pass) 3252m above sea level. The northern road was used before the southern road via Kulyab got opened. There is a sacred shrine which locates in the territory of Darvaz in the village of Kalai-Huseyn called the shrine of Khojai Burkh. This shrine is considered holy among the locals.

Note: The road is mainly closed during the winter season and will be open around mid of June.

The blue lake locates in the territory of Tavildara straight after the area of Gorno Badakshan ends. It has a pure blue color water which comes from the melted glaciers of Peter the first range of mountains.