De Pamiri Handicrafts

De Pamiri Handicraft was founded on April 2004 with the support of the Mountain Society Development Support Program (MSDSP) the Aga Khan Foundation. The organization has been officially registered by the Regional Justice as an independent establishment under MSDSP the Aga Khan Foundation and became member of the Central Asian Crafts Support Association (CACSA). In 2008 the project was officially registered as independent non-commercial Public Unit “De Pamiri”. Currently PU “De Pamiri” is working with more than 100 craftsmen from all the regions of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (the Pamirs) Republic of Tajikistan.
The diversity of sub-cultures in the Pamirs varies with the Darvaz, Vanj, Yazgulam, Shugnano-Rushan, Ghoron, Ryn, Ishkashim and Kyrgyz distinctive cultures. This cultural diversity represents the variety of the region.


Davronov Elchibek Street, Khorog (GBAO, Tajikistan
Tel.: +992 35 22 24829;91 926 2002;


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