Driver's Association

The Drivers’ Association “Safar” promotes tourism in Tajikistan, seeking to integrate our beautiful country into the developed world by providing tourism services to overseas tourists.

We are members of PECTA (Pamir Eco-Cultural Tourism Association) which ensures that our travel arrangements are of a good standard in order for you to get the best experience of travelling in Tajikistan.

Drivers’ Association “Safar” is a family owned company, designed to provide tourists with any form of transportation in Tajikistan. The company was found in 2007 in partnership with PECTA, MSDSP (Mountain Societies Development Support Program, a project of the Aga Khan Foundation) and other foreign organizations and NGOs involved in the tourism sector in Tajikistan. The Association is widely connected to the network of service suppliers in the region, including hotels, tour-companies, restaurants, the National Park and the Committee on Youth/Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Tajikistan. Additionally, our company has extended its services along the Pamir Highway M41, including some part of Afghanistan (the Wakhan Corridor) and south-west Kyrgyzstan and we can arrange tours into these neighboring areas.

We offer services to many clients, including local travelers, individual tourists, tour-operators and international organizations. The Association also has a wide range of 4WD vehicles including luxury options, for you to select. All our vehicles are driven by disciplined and knowledgeable drivers who can be depended upon at all times. Our drivers are also very experienced, with training in first-aid. They are all certificated and the vehicles are regularly mechanically inspected by professionals.


31, Ayni Street, Khorog, GBAO

736 000, Republic of Tajikistan

Tel.: +992 35 222 2035, +992 93 505 1008


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