Tajikistan is located in Central Asia, surrounded by Kyrgyzstan, China, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan.

Over 93% of the country locates higher than 2000 meters high and more than 50% is over 3000 meters.

The eastern part of Tajikistan is known for its mighty mountains. As a result, the Pamir has earned his nickname "Roof of the World".

The Pamir is a mountain range in eastern Tajikistan, bordering Afghanistan, China, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The Ismoil Somoni Peak, formerly known as Peak Communism, towers highest above the mountain ranges at 7495 meters.

The Abu Ali Ibni Sina Peak, formerly Peak Lenin, shares amborder with Kyrgyzstan in the north of Pamir. Still known as Peak Lenin by local and climbing enthusiasts, the mountain is considered to be one of the easiest 7000s worldwide to climb as it rises flat to the top. With its 7134 meters, it is the second highest mountain of the Pamirs.