Due to its long history, Tajikistan has many historical and archaeological sites. Most are located in Ishkashim district, in the Whakan Valley. Here are view sights you can visit.



Museum of Muboraki Vakhani

The house museum of Muboraki Vakhani and his stony calendar is situated in the Yamga village.
Muborake Vakhoni (1842-1902) was one ofthe most popular thinker, well-educated and talented person. He was a philosopher, poet, musician, astronomer artificial master and religious expert. With the help of his stony , he precisely defined the day of vernal equinox (the 21st of March).

Located in Ishkashim district



Most petroglyphs are found near the village Langar, a 120 km from Ishkashim. The drawings are from the time of the Langar settlement. There are over 600 drawings. They represent wild animals, hunting scenes, horsemen, portrayed rubabs and various graphic characters. The drawings are traced back to different periods until the appearance of Muslim religion in the region.

Located in Ishkashim district


Fortress Yamchun

The fortress Yamchun is situated above the village of Yamchung in Ishkashim district on a stony inclination. The fortress consists of two grounds. The first takes the whole part of the cliff. The distance from north to south is 450 m. The wall of the fortress is fortified with 22 rounds in towers with loopholes. The construction of the fortress dates back to the 3rd century BC.

Located in Ishkashim district


Fortress Kakh Kaha

The fortress Kakh-Kaha and its sanctuary is situated in Namadjut in Ishkashim district.

It is situated on the bank of the river Panj, on the isolated rocky height, stretching out along the river 1 km east from the settlement of lower Namadgut. The length of the fortress from west to east is 675m and from south to north, it is 220m. It is protected by doubles layers of walls, fortified with 56 towers of round shapes with loopholes. The base of the fortress refers to Zoroastrianism period in the second century BC.

Located in Ishkashim district


Stupa in Vrang

Stupa in Vrang is an old Buddhist monastery from the 6-7th century. According to the legend, on the top of the monastery, there used to be a golden Buddha figure that was later stolen. The monastery rises 180 meters above the valley below. Explore some of the caves which where used by the monks!

Located in Ishkashim district