Find your perfect homestay


Impressively, one of the reasons for travelling to the Pamirs is that there are not many hotels and most travellers stay with local pamiri families in a homestay. This unique opportunity provides a deep insight into the local culture. PECTA supports homestays in GBAO region as it generates additional income for locals, especially in remote villages. There are now over 150 homestays registered by PECTA. To ease the process of selecting a homestay, we divided them into two categories (good and very good). The classification is based on the criteria grouped by the following aspects of the assessment; the house and its location, information and hospitality, bedrooms and hygiene and sanitation which includes shower, kitchen, beds as well as food service. Here are three examples of homestays.
Please contact us for detailed information regarding homestays of different districts.


Avalmo in Ishkashim

The homestay in Ishkashim has a traditional Pamiri house, which serves both as a bedroom and a dining room. There is another elongated living room in front of the traditional Pamiri house. The toilet is located as an extension in front of the house.

Categorie: good


Samara in Alichur

The Samara in Alichur consists of a main house where you can spend the night. Alternatively you can sleep in a traditional yurt, which is in more demand under tourists. The homestay has a proper toilet with flush and hot shower.

Categorie: very good


Sharobov Sharob in Bulunkul

The homestay in Bulunkul consists of two dormitories and a living room. It has a simple toilet in front of the house without a flush. Through fishing on the Bulunkul lake, they often serve fish for dinner.

Categorie: good