Much to the delight of the locals especially in the winter time, there are more than 30 hot springs scattered throughout the Pamir area. A perfect opportunity for a stopover on the journey.

We recommend a maximum of 10-15 minutes stay in the hot spring. However, it is not advised for people with high blood pressure to enjoy hot springs.


Garmchashma Hot Spring

Garmchashma hot spring is located in Ishkashim district, 43 km southern of Khorog. The water of the source is effective for the treatment of skin disease, joint disease, rheumatism and radiculit.

You can take a shared taxi from the bazaar. The ride takes about one hour, and the price is approximately 20 Somoni.

Please note that prices can vary.


Holy Spring of Bibi Fotima

Bibi Fotima hot spring is one of the best in Pamir and most visited by tourists.

It is located in the Yamchun village.

The water of this source contains radon, ion, lithium, nickel, bromine, molybdenum, zinc and it is useful for treatment of dyspeptic organs, muskuloskeletal system, urological and gynecological diseases.


Jelondi Hot Spring

132 km east of Khorog, the post-Soviet resort village of Jelondi is the last village before the M41 Pamir Highway reaches 4000 meters. Famed among locals for its sanatorium, this village is home to a number of hot springs which purportedly contain cure-all properties.