How to get here



The good thing is, you can get to the Pamir from all parts of the earth. You can book a flight to Dushanbe or Khujand in Tajikistan or Bishkek or Osh in Kyrgistan and travel from there. The fastest way is to fly to the capital Dushanbe. In Tajikistan, the main way of transport for locals and tourists is the car. However, it is possible to fly from Dushanbe to Khorog by plane. Therefore, you have to check the availability, because the airline does not always operate.

Below we explain how to best get to the Pamir . For further questions, please contact us.


Dushanbe - Khorog

The easiest way to get to the Pamir is to book a flight to the capital Dushanbe. Airlines that fly to Dushanbe regularly include Somon Air (direct flight from Frankfurt) and Turkish Airlines.

Other airlines include Aeroflot, Air Astana, S7 Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and China Southern Airways. Search for the cheapest flights at Skyscanner or Momondo.

Arriving in Tajikistan, there are two ways to get to Khorog. The cheapest option is to go by shared taxi. It costs about 300 Somoni and the journey takes 12-16 hours. Please make sure that you drive with a four-wheeled car, otherwise, the journey takes much longer. Please make sure you also take a shared taxi to Khorog and not one with terminus Ishkashim.

The more convenient but more expensive option is to hire a private driver. You have the advantage of stopping for photos and the opportunity to divide the trip into two days. In case you are interested, please contact us and we can organise a reliable driver for you.

Bishkek - Khorog

Another way to get to Tajikistan is via Kyrgyzstan. You can book a flight to Bishkek and take a domestic flight to Osh from there (duration 50 min). Alternatively, you can go to Osh by shared taxi, which takes about 12-15 hours and cost about 15-25 US$.
From Osh you can take a shared taxi to Murgab. The duration is 8-10 hours and the price is approximate 30 US$. Arrived in Murgab, there is the possibility to take a shared taxi to Khorog. The cost is about 150 Somoni (15 US$) and the duration is about 7 hours.

From Murgab there is an option to book a private driver and explore the beautiful Wakhan Valley on the way to Khorog. If you are interested, please contact us and we will be happy to support you.