The Ishkashim district or better known as Whakan Valley for tourists. There you will find the most hot springs and historical & archaeological sites. The main road runs continuously on the border with Afghanistan.


Hike to Engels Peak base camp

The idyllic “Engels meadows basecamp” (3945) is a highlight of the Southern Pamirs and is the historic base-camp for countless mountaineering expeditions. It can be comfortably reached by the ordinary walker.

From the village of Zong on the main road, you can drive 8 km to Dirch village. From there, it will take you 4 hours to hike 16 km to Engels meadow base camp.


Bibi Fotima

Bibi Fotima hot spring is one of the best and most visited by tourists in Pamir.

It is located in the Yamchun village.

The water of this source contains radon, ion, lithium, nickel, bromine, molybdenum, zinc and it is useful for treatment of dyspeptic organs, muskuloskeletal system, urological and gynecological diseases.


Afghan-Tajik Bazar

Visit the Afghan-Tajik bazar in Ishkashim. On the market, you can find clothes, shoes, traditional medicine, cosmetics, food and all kinds of fabrics and sheets. The bazar takes place every Saturday from 8 am till 1 pm.

The bazaar is located on the Afghan side and offers a unique opportunity to get there without a visa.

Remark: The market was closed for over 2 years, but has been reopened since July 2019.