The Murgab Plateau is the largest district in terms of area, but it is the least populated. It is probably one of the most stunning and breathtaking places in the Pamirs. Living conditions are tough in this harsh environment, especially in the long and cold winters. The village of Murgab is the center of the district and at the same time, an important point of departure for travels to Kyrgyzstan or Khorog.



Zorkul lake

A highlight of many tourists is the Zorkul Lake. To get to the protected lake, you need a permit. With good luck, you can watch the bird Indicus, which is under special protection in Tajikistan. Wild Marco Polo sheeps inhabit this region. The lake is a perfect place to camp.


Yak safari

Curious about a yak safari? The imprinting heavyweights can reach a maximum weight of up to 500 kg. Through their thick coat, they can survive the harsh winters in the highlands of Pamir. The yak milk, yogurt and meat is an important food source for the Pamiris.

You can start your tour in the village of Alichur or Bashgumbez, which locates on the M41 between Khorog and Murgab. The duration of the yak safari varies depending on your interest.


Visit Karakul

Visit the second highest lake in the world. On site, you have the opportunity to stay in a traditional yurt in Karakul village. From there you can walk to a lookout point. The duration is about 3 hours. Alternatively, you can drive a bit far and walk about 1.5 hours.