The Vanj district consists of two valleys. The upper valley is the Vanj valley and leads to several glaciers entering to the large Fedchenko glacier. The lower valley is the Yazgulom valley which is approximately 25 km drivable.


Visit the R.G.S. Glacier or Bears “Medvezhiy” Glacier

Drive the Vanj valley to the last village of Po-i Mazor. There is a possibility to hike to the glacier with a guide. The hike to the glacier takes about 3 days depending on your fitness level.

We strongly recommend hiking with a guide only.




2-days hike from Gishkun to Zhamay

Embark on a 2-day tour from Gishkhun village to Zhamay village of Yazgulam. You cross the Ghishkun Pass at 4336 meters. The track is 40 km.


2-3 days hike from Ghumast to Ubaigh

Embark on a 2-3 days hike from Ghumast village to Ubaigh village. On the 55 km long track, you will pass two marble mines.