Pamir Guides

Run by local people, it has over 15 years guiding experience in the region. Pamir Guides provides for individual and group tailor-made holidays as well as package tours and treks. It offers cultural, trekking, mountaineering support and photo safari opportunities and provide visa and permit services, border access, transport services, hotel and guest house booking, and climbing permit services.

The founders of Pamir Guides are Saidali Gaibuldaev Kuban Kozubekov / Mendibay Jooshbaev who are native to the high plateau of Murgab and are part of the Kyrgyz minority living in these high altitude areas. After completing school in the provincial capital of Murgab they started working as drivers and guides. This was done in cooperation with NGOs who set up a tourism development program.


51, Ismanov Street, Murgab

GBAO 736000, Republic of Tajikistan

Tel.:+992 935382545, +992 917328228

+992 900059779, +992 44 6 500 845


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