Pamir Trekking

Based in Khorog, GBAO, Pamir Trekking is small, community-based company which plans and escorts tailor-made trekking and jeep tours in Tajikistan. Our mission is to enable our clients to experience the unique culture and landscape of the country in a respectful and sustainable manner: the preservation of the landscape and the lives of local people is paramount at all times. In this way we believe that our clients, host families and everyone else involved can have meaningful as well as memorable experiences and encounters.

Specialties: Pamir Trekking specializes in guided treks in both the Fan Mountains and the Pamirs. We also arrange cultural jeep safaris through historic areas like the Wakhan Valley between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. A typical trekking tour will also include elements of jeep travel en route to/from the trekking areas.



Managing Director

Pamir Trekking

tel.: +992-93-875-7593


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