Roshtkala valley is located south of Khorog. It is known for its many lakes, especially the Drumkul Lake is very popular among tourists.
The Roshtwala valley is characterized by its narrow and wooded valleys.


Hike to Drumkul lake

Drumkul lake is located at an altitude of 3345 meters. You can drive 8 km north to the Drumkul village from the village Sezhd through the main road. There starts a 1-hour hike to the Drumkul lake. You can camp right by the lake or in a homestay in Drumkul village.


Cross-valley trekking from Rubot to Vrang

The cross-valley hike covers approx. 50 km. Depending on your level of fitness, the duration is 3-4 days. You reach the Vrang Pass at 5067 meters. You will also have a breathtaking view of Karl Marx (6723) on the hike.


Cross-valley hike from Shavoz to Darshai

Embark on a 3-4-day hike from Roshtqala district to Ishkashim.

You will start your tour in Shavoz. There is a possibility to stay overnight in a homestay in Badomdara. You cross a pass at about 4500 meters high and reach Darshai in Ishkashim district.