The best known of the Rushan district is the Bartang valley. From the village of Rushan on M41, the valley runs along the Bartang River inland. From July till mid-September, depending on the climate, often all roads are open and you can drive to Lake Karakul. The Pamiris say that the inhabitants of Bartang valley are extremely hospitable. The Bartang valley is an ideal place for all hiking&trekking enthusiasts.


Multi-day hike from Bardara to Yashikul lake

6-day hike from Bardara village to Yashikul lake. On the 75 km long tour, you cross the 4840 meters high Shtik Lazar Pass. You pass several lakes like the Uchkul lakes (which means the three lakes). Additionally, you encounter shepherds on the route and have a good chance of seeing ibexes.

We recommend to do the tour with a guide.


Multi-day hike to Grum Grjimailo Glacier

4-day hike to “Grum Grjimailo Glacier”.
You start your hike in the village Pasor. This approximately 60 km long (round trip) trek ends at a lookout point, where you have a stunning view above the glacier. In order to hike to the Glacier, you need a permit, which you can buy in Pasor. Altitude: around 4500 meter

We recommend to do the tour with a guide.


Day hike to Jizew lake

Coming from Rushan, you pass the village Baghu. About 8 km behind, you will see two bridges. Cross the second bridge and walk about 7 km to Jizew lake. Enjoy the view of the reflecting lake. If you want, you can hike behind Jizew Lake to Jizewdara valley. It is possible to stay in Jizew in a homestay.

You can do the tour easily without a guide.