The travel agency “Sarez Travel” was established in 1991, in the dying days of the Soviet Union, for the purpose of promoting tourism in the mountain region of GBAO. From 1992 to 2000, however, due to the political instability in Tajikistan, the company had to cease its function as a tourist company and undertook agricultural activities. Since 2000 the company has started reviving its activities in the sphere of tourism, searching for the new contracts and partners for promoting tourism in region. “Sarez Travel” organizes very challenging and at the same time very interesting trips to one of the most beautiful and incredible sites of the Pamirs, the Sarez Lake, as well as to the Fedchenko Glacier and other places of the eastern Pamir and GBAO as a whole.
The advantage of “Sarez Travel” company to other tourist companies is that it is the only tourist firm which provides tours around the lake Sarez. Also we provide other tours in all territory of the Pamirs. Our firm provides tourists with English-speaking, German speaking, Russian-speaking and French-speaking guides and interpreters.


Sarez LTD 736000, GBAO, Republic of Tajikistan

Tel.:+992 93 500 4150