Khorog, the only real city in GBAO, is located in Shugnan district. The M41 runs from north to Khorog and then along the district towards Murgab.


Hike in Rivak valley

Rivak is located 35 km east of Khorog. Take the M41 direction to Murgab. The drive takes around 40 min.

You can do a cross-valley hike to the village of Nimos. The highest point is about 4800 meters. For the 65 km cross-valley hike, you need approx. 5-6 days.

The Rivak valley also provides a perfect opportunity for a day hike. After 3 hours of walking, you will reach a beautiful green valley-landscape with a rich variety of plants.




Horse riding

The only possibility for horse riding is in Bachor.

It is located about 120 km east of Khorog, on the M41 direction to Murgab.

The duration of the horse riding varies depending on your interests. It mostly amounts 2-3 days.

A very popular route is to Yashikul Lake which takes 2 days. Off the beaten path, cross the fields and become aware of this immense plateau!


Jelondi Hot Springs

132 km east of Khorog, the post-Soviet resort village of Jelondi is the last village before the M41 Pamir Highway reaches 3900 meters. Famous among locals for its sanatorium, this village is home to a number of hot springs which purportedly contain cure-all properties.