Tour De Pamir

Tour de Pamir is Tajikistan-Pamir-Khorog based full service adventure travel Company, created and run by local people. Specializes in individual and group tailor-made tours along the Silk Road, culture tours, eco trekking and mountaineering expeditions around Tajikistan and can provide all travel services including: visa support, border access, climbing permits, hotels and guest house bookings, transport services, air tickets to destinations and staff hire. Tour de Pamir offers visitors nature, culture, hospitality, different national traditions, ancient histories and authentic nomadic life in the eastern Pamir - and its best tour service always with a smile!


•English speaking guides who have good knowledge in tourism, history, and the locality.

•Drivers with good experience of the geography of the region and treat the visitors with respect and kindness.

•Cooks who make tasty national meals.

•Every service provider has had tourism training - provided by PECTA. They are very polite & helpful with a minimum of five years’ experience.

•For our tours we use 4*4 jeeps which are well equipped for the poor road conditions.

•For treks we have porters, who are very well trained and physically strong with good knowledge about the area; as well as pack animals, such as horses, camels and yaks.


77, Lenin Street, Khorog GBAO

736000, Republic of Tajikistan

Теl.: +992 93 5007557



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