Situated in Badakhshan in the heart of Asia, "The Pamirs" is an area of sky-scraping, snow-capped, majestic mountains, lakes with clear blue water, wide valleys and bone-dry deserts. For hundreds of years, people have called these high mountains "Poy-e-Mehr", the literal translation being "the Foot of the Sun" or "Roof of the World".


Where is Tajikistan?


Located in Central Asia, Tajikistan shares borders with Kyrgyzstan to the north, with Uzbekistan to the north and west, with Afghanistan to the south through the Panj river and with China to the east.

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What we stand for


Tajikistan is a broad white spot on the tourist map with enormous potential. The region Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO), better known as Pamir, occupies almost 50% of the land area. The sparsely populated "Roof of the World" captivates with its untouched nature and invites you to a journey you will never forget.

PECTA (Pamirs Eco-Cultural Tourism Association) supports local tourism stakeholders by providing training in business management, in language and much more. As such, our main focus is on the support of homestays. Especially in remote villages, the revenue of the summer offers people a chance to survive the harsh winter, as it is the mean through which they can sustain themselves. Our constant support for homestays represents a great opportunity for tourists and locals to participate in tourism together.

Despite all this, tourism in Tajikistan is still in its infancy. Especially in times of mass tourism, the Pamir offers a possibility to explore a unique, natural and cultural adventure.

Welcome to the Roof of the World, we look forward to seeing you!


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