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The legendary Pamirs… The place full of mystery fascination. The ages the Pamirs earned the reputation of the “Roof of the World” due to the truly gargantuan chain of maintains located there. Like hundreds of years ago the Pamirs today still remain the most attractive tourism site of Tajikistan bringing together thousands of tourists and hikers from around the world. Nevertheless it is very hard to imagine a good trip to the legendary Pamirs without the help of a local tourism company that is well familiar with the surrounding area.

Founded in 2012, the “World Roof Tours” is but a perfect tourism agency for those who would like to see the wonders of the Pamirs.

The “World Roof Tours” Travel Company is distinguished for its well-determined market positioning though the company works exclusively within the field domestic tourism accentuating on the ancient Silk Road with its “gem of the crown” the Pamirs.

The “World Roof Tours” provides the following tour packages: trekking & hiking tours, 4WD tours, adventure tours, off-road tours, alpinism tours through Fann Mountains and the Pamirs, horse-riding tours, classic historical tours, combined Silk Road tours and etc.

Besides standard integrated services such as visa, transportation, hotel booking and other the “World Roof Tours” also provides assistance with acquiring special permission for accessing the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast, the home of the legendary Pamirs.

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